Well, it’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted, which can mean that’s either a good thing or a bad thing. So here’s your answer: a good thing.

I finally got a car, and most of my trips include going to McDonald’s. In order to fund my “expensive” eating habits, I need to find a job, but I can’t apply for any until I know my schedule for school. So that means I have to go to the college’s campus right near me, which I don’t want to because I have no idea what to ask them about. And then I have to register for classes in order to know my schedule, but the college I applied to said not to yet. It’s all chaotic and confusing right now.

My car’s name is Winchester, and I’d tell you the model of it, but I don’t want someone I know figuring out this is my blog. Sorry! Just know it’s not a truck. There’s no USB input, though, which sucks if my phone’s about to die.

Speaking of the name Winchester, I’ve currently been in love with the show Supernatural. Due to this obsession, I’m planning a summer road trip with Katie. I think I’ve mentioned her in my past posts. She’s going to do the playlists while I plan the rest. I am way too excited for this.

Hope you guys are having great days, weeks, months, and years… If not, watch your favorite show on Netflix (if it’s on there). Or drink. Either or.


Better Days

Lately, my life has become bearable. It has started getting better, and maybe that’s partially because of the mindset I’ve been having. I feel like this past month, I’ve started liking who I am, how I am, and whatnot. I think movies help me with that.

Also, good news! I recently got my license, and passed on my first try. I felt so happy, like I’ve accomplished something I set my mind to a few years ago. I love driving, and cannot wait to get my own car. Blasting 60s and 70s music is what I’ll be doing every time I’m behind the wheel, that’s for sure.

I feel like I’ve missed so much, but I really haven’t. I know it’s been a month since my last post, but I have a good reason. I’ve moved on from feeling sorry for myself. I’m a lot happier. I’ve also been watching Netflix nonstop (hello,  Supernatural!).

One thing that I need to get started on is college. I’ve already applied and sent my transcripts to the local community college, but I haven’t received an acceptance e-mail or anything yet. I still have to register for classes (once I get accepted and figure out which classes I need). It’s a little hectic, and I’ve been procrastinating. Hence, the nonstop Netflixing.

I know this was short and boring, but I’ll update once things get interesting. I’m so boring right now, it’s cray-zee.

Until next time (hopefully soon!),

Jessica xoxoxoxoxoxo