Impulsive Decisions

Here’s a tip: don’t make impulsive decisions. They can either lead to bad things, or on very very very rare conditions, good ones. After I posted yesterday, I lured Katie to my house with pizza and we watched some documentaries. My mom pulled a good facade to make it seem like nothing is happening with our family falling apart, so kudos to her. But, on the other hand, I know Katie was thinking about it. I’m glad she never brought it up until I did.

I only have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and since yesterday was Wednesday, I couldn’t be out all night. But did I care? No. We stayed out until 1AM. I would tell you all the details, but they’re boring and useless and don’t fit into the story at all. I’ll start from the beginning:

Katie came over for some pizza and Netflix, where we watched a documentary about the creation of the Crips and Bloods. It was interesting. After that, around 8PM or 9PM, we went out and I snuck a beer (I found some!) and we went to get some coffee. I think I’m a coffee addict.

After about thirty minutes of figuring out what to do and where to go, we decided on going to a random park. There are zero parties on weekdays, sadly. We took a few polaroids, blah blah blah, and then went to Katie’s house and hung out on Omegle until 1AM.

Going on Omegle makes me feel better. I don’t know what it is. Maybe just being a complete slut on it or something. We met this guy names Schmidt that hacked Katie’s computer and found her IP. It was hilarious because she found it so creepy, but I thought it was cool. He taught me how to track my own, but I doubt I’d use it anytime soon.

We mostly insulted each other. He’s a rich kid from Beverly Hills and said he “shit ten dollar bills.” I said I shit fifty cents. Ha! Katie, him, and me, all talked about sex and if guys seriously liked getting their dicks sucked. They do. He was high the whole time. I wish I was high. We started talking about the word Daddy and Katie kept squirming at the sound of it. To make her cringe more, I kept moaning it. She says it sounds perverted and gross. I don’t see how, though.

I had a sudden impulse to message a guy I used to talk to. Why? Because I can. So I did. He added an avocado and eye emoji. What does the avocado mean? I’m not too good with sex talk. Then he left me on read. Then earlier I asked him what it meant, and guess what? He left me on read. Again!

Would I have gone through with it? Probably not. But at least he knows I’m interested. It was embarrassing though because I added “daddy” to the mix. Don’t do that. What makes matters worse is that I’m going to senior ditch day with Katie’s class and, since he’s graduating this year, he’ll most likely be there. Thank god for Katie’s boy toy. He’ll be supplying and I’ll need as much as I can get if Brandon is there.


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